The RadCity Review: Why You Should Replace Your Car With An Electric Bike

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” – John F. Kennedy

Yes. I’ve done it. I’ve replaced my car for 95% of my commutes with a bike. When I moved within 8 miles of my work I knew I should give riding a bike to work a try. I always worried about the regular thoughts of “what if I get too hot while I’m pedaling and start to sweat” and also “what if I get tired or I don’t feel like making it back home.” The solution was simple once I started browsing Rad Power Bike’s website and saw they had announced the RadCity commuter bike. This bike can easily hit 20 miles an hour and includes an integrated handlebar throttle (along with 5-level pedal assist) so if you don’t want to – you don’t have to pedal while you’re riding it.

The RadCity is packed with features that bikes several thousand dollars or more have.

Before I bought my RadCity, I had really only owned a few mountain bikes over my lifetime. I wasn’t really aware of just how much the team at Rad Power Bikes had managed to pack into this low cost electric bike until I started noticing the features myself. For one thing – this commuter bike has a rear rack built into the bike frame and comes with fenders for the front and back wheels. I hadn’t noticed this this, but when you’re riding a regular pedal bike and you pass through puddles- the water from those puddles ends up shooting back on you from the wheel. Not with the RadCity – it’s full fenders keep your body completely dry even when you pass through puddles. The Rear Rack is perfect for a small bike trunk and also supports pannier cargo bags which I happened to also purchase from their website.

The RadCity’s engine is smooth, quiet, and responsive.

When I was first thinking about buying an electric bike, I was concerned that the motor would be loud enough to be noticeable by people on the street. That worry was erased instantly the first time I road my RadCity. It’s so quiet that at first you won’t really even notice it. I was just humming along, much faster than a regular bike – without even pedaling. I was pleasantly surprised by this because I really wanted to make sure I wasn’t riding around on a bike that made noise. Even at a pedal-assist level of 5 (the highest setting), it was still much quieter than I was expecting. If loudness factor is a concern for you – rest assured you will be happy with this bike. 

It’s much faster than a regular bike – beat out traffic while it looks like you’re just pedaling.

RadPoweredBikes tout’s that the RadCity can hit speeds up to 20 MPH on throttle alone. I’ve personally been able to hit maybe 23 – 25 MPH on flat road whilst pedaling with pedal assist on. If you’re going downhill and pedaling, the max I’ve hit on this thing is a breezy 30 MPH. To make a long story short – this bike is pretty fast. If you’re familiar with your speed on a regular bike, the RadCity bike will easily double or possibly even triple that speed that you’re used to on a regular bike. I got so used to the speed and ease of riding my RadCity, that when I hopped on a regular bike to get a little more exercise recently I had forgotten just how slow a regular bike is compared to my RadCity bike.

Maintenance is cheap and easy – especially compared to your car.

In the US, the IRS pegs the cost per mile of driving a car at around 53.5 cents a mile. That accounts for things like gas, depreciation on the car, and insurance. Most people have no idea the cost per mile is actually calculated this high, and I think we can all say the IRS is using a reliable formula for calculating something that gets deducted by the millions in combined US tax returns. Now take an electric bike in comparison.

With this ebike – all you have to do is keep it charged, clean the chain every month or two, maybe change the break pads after a couple hundred miles and you’re set. Hell if you’re riding on a down slope – you can almost consider your movement at that time to be free as the wheels spin. I actually attempted to calculate how much it cost to charge the full RadCity battery, and at a rate of $.17 per Kilowatt Hour – it came down to something like 10 or 11 cents for 20-40 miles! You will not be able to beat that driving around a big hunk of steal for your two mile solo commute to the gym.

You can actually move without pedaling – Supplement with the throttle whenever you need it

One of the best things about the RadCity bike is it’s built in throttle. I use it often when I’m stopped at a stop sign and need to accelerate again. It takes the load off of you having to pedal heavy just to get moving again – and it makes riding your bike everywhere just that much easier. In fact – two months ago I actually fractured one of my toes practicing TaeKwonDo (I accidentally roundhouse kicked the edge of a door frame – doh!).

I figured I wouldn’t be able to ride my bike to work for some time. I took a day or two off to recuperate, but then I found I was perfectly capable of continuing using my RadCity bike because I had the throttle on hand for if I had any issues pedaling. I was able to get to and from work – using a mixture of pedaling which was mostly done with the heels of my feet, and the throttle – with a fractured toe! I wouldn’t recommend doing that to everyone, but when you’re hardcore sometimes there’s no stopping you from getting where you want to go.

Bonus: Surprise On-Lookers By Moving From A Standstill Without Pedaling

This was something funny that came up from riding my electric bike as a habit. When I’m waiting to cross a crosswalks – I can come to an almost complete standstill and balance myself using slight twists of the throttle. Once I’m ready to move I accelerate with a twist of the handle bar and off I go – no pedals needed. I’ve seen numerous onlookers stare in awe as I go from 0 mph to 5-20 mph without even pedaling! The look is priceless and while this fact alone shouldn’t influence you to check out Rad Powered Bikes, it is an enjoyable side effect of owning a cool electric bike :).

For Readers of If you purchase any electric bike from Rad Power Bikes using this link – you will receive $50 off your purchase. Enjoy your ride and watch as you get healthier, save money on your commute, and impress your friends.

-Anthony From

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