The Buddha Board – A Fun Way To Practice Mindfulness

This post is about a new product I had the opportunity to play with called the Buddha Board:

I love when I see a creative, new product on the market, especially one that requires pretty much no maintenance and doubles as a conversation piece wherever you place it.

I first heard about the Buddha Board from one of Tim Ferriss’s 5-Bullet Friday emails. This item is a very elegantly designed art board, that allows you to paint dark strokes just by using water. The water is conveniently placed in the base below the canvas, which allows you to dip the included bamboo brush whenever you need more for your art. The twist with this ‘artistic board’ is that within 60 seconds or so, whatever you’ve created disappears as the water from the canvas evaporates.

The Buddha Board Makes Practicing Mindfulness Easy and Fun

In my own use so far, I’ve found it to be very peaceful and enjoyable experience overall. I started by drawing out thoughts onto the canvas and then letting them go as I watched them evaporate. It’s easy to casually spend an hour painting on the Buddha Board without even realizing it. Since getting my own, I’ve actually purchased four Buddha Boards to give out as Christmas gifts next week.

As an added bonus, originally I thought I’d just store this board away after use, but once I set it up it’s design turned out to be pleasing enough to warrant me leaving it out on a desk or table for decoration. It’s clear that the designers put a lot of thought into it’s function and form, even down to the details of the packaging. It looks and feels great, and it is bound to be a great conversation starter as the holidays roll around. More to come on this product soon- I wanted to get this post out to Authentic Growth readers while you still had some time to do Christmas shopping. Happy Holidays!

Resources For Practicing and Enhancing Mindfulness:

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