Creating Time: How To Expand And Contract Your Sense of Time

“I have all of the time, money, success, love, and happiness in the world”

This affirmation has been working wonders for me lately. The process started about two weeks ago when I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of things I felt I had to do.

I started asking myself how I could get more free time in my life, when this startling realization came into my head.

The amount of things that you have to do are almost entirely determined by you. You can create more free time by being more selective.

Its not a matter of having “no time”, its a matter of how you choose to spend all of the time you have. Everyone has the same amount of time in a day.

Martin Luther King Jr. had the same amount of time in a day as you do right now. Mother Teresea had the same amount of time.

Once I started working in this affirmation into my morning journaling (the Morning Pages), a whole slew of things started to change in my reality.

I started realizing that I was giving myself a ton of things to do, that if I cut them out my life wouldn’t even really change much, and I’d have a ton more free time.

Suddenly I realized all of these books, articles, audios, and other programs that I thought I had to read lost all of their appeal to me. I realized I didn’t have to read that persons free eBook, or listen to that Audio CD that comes with Success Magazine. I could consciously CHOOSE what felt the most important for my development at any given time.

By focusing specifically on what mattered most towards my development, the few key factors, I opened up tens of hours of free time each week.

By being selective, I cut out all of the garbage material that I was reading through and processing in my mind. At one point I thought all of these things were necessary to my growth, but really I was overloading myself.

I can’t begin to describe how powerful a realization this has been for me, or what kind of impact this is going to have on my future.

All I know now is that affirmations certainly have a powerful effect on me, and I never thought they would amount to anything.

Before I started writing out this affirmation every morning, I thought there was literally no way for me to make more free time. Now I have plenty of it.

The outcome and experiential evidence I’ve gained from the past two weeks has been eye-opening, and will certainly effect the way I construct affirmations going forward.

So what have your results been with affirmations or declarations? If this post has helped you, leave a comment in the Facebook plugin below

-Anthony From

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