Magical Thinking: Tips For Staying Grounded In Reality

Not many people in the spiritual or personal development scene want to hear about this, but its a topic that needs to be written about.

Wikipedia defines magical thinking as “the attribution of causal relationships between actions and events which cannot be justified by reason and observation

Its very easy to get hyped-up after reading a great personal development book or attending an invigorating seminar, but there are consequences to returning with a firm footing in reality.

Many moons ago, I was into reading books that authors claimed were “channeled” when written.

Now there’s nothing wrong with these types of books, and often the content is very inspiring and can lead to new growth in our lives.

The problem for me, at the time, was that I was not at all grounded while I was reading these books and it lead me to believe in a fantasy world in which I could control all of the obstacles and challenges that came to me in life.

This of course lead to many crash-and-burn experiences in which I felt I could think my way to a better reality, without doing what it takes to actually attain the success I desired.

While I agree that our experience of the world around us is largely influenced by the beliefs and the filters we view the world from, there are certain things that just happen and there is nothing you can do about it.

No amount of meditating on a mountain is going to make a billion dollars fall into your lap. There still exists a reality in which all of this reading and workshop attending happens, and that is the reality of life on earth.


Magical Thinking might make you think you can actually do this

I make this post now because I’ve just returned from an incredibly life-changing and inspiring 6-day residential retreat, known as The Hoffman Process. The shifts I experienced at this retreat were so powerful that the urge to re-arrange my entire life upon returning was incredibly tempting.

I’m still adjusting to my new reality but because of my previous experience with magical thinking, I now know the importance of approaching all aspects of life from a grounded point of view.

I returned home with firm footing still in place, balancing out the amazing high of feeling like I can do anything with a new presence that allows me to actually accomplish more with my new world view.

While there were some incredible shifts in mindsets and attitudes, and the release of years of emotional baggage at this retreat, I feel that the importance of remaining grounded in reality afterwards cannot be understated.

Without this reality aspect, we ignore the things that do not fit the new frame of mind we’ve acquired through our readings or workshops.

Not only is this dangerous, it can be potentially painful, as we miss out on real-life opportunities or spend precious time away from the things that really matter.

Please keep this in mind the next time you’re finished with the latest best-seller or you’re on your way home from an amazing workshop.

The world around you still exists. While your mental reality may have certainly been altered, there is still a world out there that needs to be considered and balanced with your new ideas.

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