Emotional Freedom Technique: Chat with Founder Gary Craig

I had the pleasure of speaking with EFT founder Gary Craig about how Emotional Freedom Technique came into existence and what happened when he released it into the wild.

EFT, for those of you who don’t know, stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and it is my number one personal transformation tool. It is a practice you can use to release negative feelings that are associated with past memories. It involves tapping several specific points on your body, which are the usually the ends of meridian lines following Chinese energy medicine. Tapping on these points clears disruptions in your meridian lines and as a result the negative associations disappear.

The reason for EFT’s success, Gary says, was because “One: It works. and Two: It was released with a sort of open-hand policy”.

Gary went on to say that this open-hand policy actually turned out to be a double-edged sword. It allowed EFT to spread freely and really gain a massive audience, however there were many branch-offs of the main EFT technique, of which most of them miss out on the largest aspects of EFT itself.

There was one very important distinction in our conversation that Gary wanted me to make about EFT, and it was this “It doesn’t necessarily matter which points you tap. While these are important, the most important thing is figuring out what the underlying issue is.” What he’s saying here is that you can tap all you want while holding a symptom in your mind, but you may not experience results doing it this way. Instead, you should dig deeper and find which specific events might have lead to this symptom, and tap on these specific incidents.

You can find more about EFT by visiting the Gold Standard of EFT Tutorial, created by Gary himself along with his daughter. Having been created by the founder of EFT, this tutorial really IS the cream of the crop if you’re trying to experience the best results with EFT.

Check out a clip below from my chat with Gary Craig, and leave a comment if you enjoyed!

And as always, you can go to the real source for all things related to Emotional Freedom Technique, at Gary’s website http://emofree.com

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-Anthony from AuthenticGrowth.com

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