Freedom From Marketing: Happiness In Less Advertising

Each and everyday I am bombarded with advertisements, emails about the latest deals, and promoted posts on facebook or tweets on Twitter.

Some of these posts are really tempting, and I used to be highly susceptible to making purchases via email long-form sales letters, but I had a shift happen recently that opened up my eyes.

There will always be something to want.

The study of marketing is meant to find the trigger points that get the human psychology to desire something.

I used to be subscribed to so many email lists, I was following all of these great marketers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, always wanting the next program or the next course.

All of that has changed. It started when I decided to forcefully unsubscribe myself from a list run by a guy who offers free videos on how to improve your sales.

I realized- I’m not currently promoting any products, I’m still in Graduate school, and I’m fully employed. What am I missing here? I am Happy! Why was I letting myself be marketed to- especially for products I have no use for right now?

The emails will be enticing. You will put pushed tons of free videos, ebooks, and products in an attempt to keep you hooked for the next free thing, ALL while you allow yourself to be marketed to.

After unsubscribing from that one list, I unsubscribed from another. And Another. And ultimately my inbox became smaller and smaller.. and the desires I had for new products started to disappear. Now these desires virtually no longer exist.

The desire created through marketing isn’t easily avoided. There is science and testing in marketing campaigns. The easiest way to free yourself, in areas where you have this control, is to not allow yourself to be marketed to in the first place.

This was an eye-opening experience for me. All of these things that I thought I wanted, I no longer wanted once I stopped allowing myself to be marketed to.

I used to think I was the smartest guy in the world, that I could never fall for silly marketing tricks.

And that was partially true, I lived up to this by saying “Yeah well- I avoided buying many of the products”… But that didn’t stop the DESIRE for these products from being there.

I still had the desire to purchase so many of those products, which actually blocked me from being truly grateful for the things I already had right now in my life.

Once I unsubscribed from just about every marketing email list I was on, I found freedom.

The desires I used to have for products I didn’t need are gone. I only purchase things that are actually important to me now, things that mesh with my heart.

Now, not only am I happier, less obsessed about what the next “great product” will be, and more grateful for things, I also have saved a ton of money!

This is just a lesson.. whether you think you are susceptible to great marketing or not, I am now of the firm belief that in order to be happy- we must avoid things, where possible, that trigger our animal tendencies to always want more.

If you’ve found freedom in the above words, start the discussion below or in any of the posts on my blog. I love hearing from my readers.

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