Accepting All Aspects: The Intelligent Unconscious

I had the realization recently that I was thinking about the unconscious mind in a limited way.

Many Personal Development books leave the reader thinking that the Unconscious or Subconscious mind is “unintelligent” or not developed enough to make decisions on its own.

The Secret was a wide perpetrator of this idea, that the unconscious doesn’t “choose” between right and wrong, that it only accepts.

While this may be true in terms of “you get what you focus on”, this leaves people with the idea that the unconscious is almost a sort of enemy, something to be tamed and fixed.

I’d like to take today, and the start of 2015, to give you a new idea:

The Unconscious, or Subconscious Mind, is incredibly intelligent. It is just as developed as your conscious mind, and very much more capable than you think

As we develop from childhood, it isn’t only our conscious mind that is developing and learning language.

While they say the language of the unconscious mind is images and feelings, I’d like to propose that it is much more intelligent than that.

Lets stop for a moment and think about conscious development.

We go from being completely helpless as children, to being fully conscious and competent adults in a matter of years.

Is the unconscious mind simply to remain undeveloped? Just learning to do things automatically from the conscious mind?

If we are to split up the mind into to factions, the Unconscious and the Conscious, I would like to think that the Unconscious is just as intelligent, developed, and capable as the conscious mind.

It is not just a half of the brain that is animalistic, it is as fully intelligent and developed as your conscious mind, and (as many know) incredibly capable in what it can do.

The unconscious is not something to go to war with, it is something to accept about who you are, and something to work hand in hand with to further your development.

There are beliefs held in your subconscious, and while it can be looked at as a project or a task to uncover them, this does not make the unconscious mind the enemy.

The Unconscious mind makes up much more than half of your conscious thinking. I would put it in the range of 90% of all your brain activity is unconscious.

I’ll leave you here with a great quote by Lester Levenson:

“All Conscious thought is Unconscious Thought made Conscious”

If we take a moment to think about that… How conscious are we really?

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