Investing In Yourself: The Cost of Personal Growth

“There are two prices we must all choose to pay in life, the price of discipline or the price of regret. The latter is much more expensive than the former, though it may not seem that way over the short term.” 

What is a successful, fulfilling life worth to you? I’ve had many people ask questions about my personal growth budget, so it is time to bring this topic front and center.

The price to pay for a life created through your own conscious intent is nothing compared to the price you pay for a life of mediocrity

I don’t mind spending money on books. Last year, I purchased around $2,000 worth of books. How can one man spend $2,000 on books, you ask? Because $2,000 was how many books I found the time to read and listen to over the course of 2014. If I had managed to fit in a few more, I would have gladly paid the cost to fill my mind with wisdom that will stick with me for the rest of my life. The benefit of my future growth potential is unlimited. The more books I read the higher the probability that something truly clicks, and this is happening on a weekly basis.

The more I find my head in a book, the more I find ideas popping into my mind that I would’ve never thought of otherwise. The words are the stimulus, the ink a cue, and the pages excite sparks of creative insight.

I can’t tell you how many times something I’ve read just happened to pop into my head at the right time and at the right time. I’ve had questions come up on job interviews where something I just recently read was the perfect response to the question. Sure, I could have read the right book at the right time, but if I wasn’t constantly reading- I may not have read that one sentence that landed me the job. With each book and program I undertake, a part my mind grows as well. I distance myself from my competition, with new levels of growth that people won’t initially see. Here, the growth is not at first outwardly visible, whereas when you start going to the gym, you can see the growth in your physique. This is why many people quit before they experience the break through. You have to keep following your Authentic Growth until you begin to see the definition of your success in all of your actions.

To gain faith in the power of Authentic Growth and Personal Development, you have to allow the muscle of your success to grow so large, it becomes impossible to ignore.

I used to doubt whether I could accomplish the goals I set out for myself. I don’t do that anymore. I know what it means to achieve a goal I’ve set for myself, and I know how to take the actions necessary to get there. This adaptability and evolution can only happen when you start to trust in your own ability to solve your own problems. It is certainly okay to accept help when you need it, in fact the ability to accept help when its offered is an incredibly valuable trait. What I am speaking about here is the ability for man to take responsibility for the things that happen in his life. When you take responsibility for your life, your experience starts to go from out of control to Yes, I can do this. You are the catalyst that, when reacting with the right materials, produces either an average life or an incredibly fulfilling life.

To live a life where you accept responsibility for all of your words, thoughts, and actions, is to live a life under conscious will and direction. You become the master, the captain at the wheel. Your Growth is under your control.

No longer will you have to wait for outside information or stimulus before you feel confident in your path. You are the one, now, defining the path. As you take conscious action to follow this path you’ve set out for yourself, things will begin to fall into place. The events or experiences that you need to have, in order to grow to where you want to be, will start happening for you. Your mind will pick up on the headlines, the book titles, and the conversations that you need to be a part of in order to achieve what you are focused on.

It will seem like its not because of you, your actions, or your new mindsets. But it is. As you progress down this path, you will recognize this.

It took me quite a long time to realize my own role in bringing about the changes and experiences I wanted to have in my life. Whenever the perfect opportunity arose, or the right event happened, I would say to myself, “Yeah, well that was bound to happen anyway.” I’ll take this moment now to apologize to my old self because if I had the faith that I have now- I would have gained several years of positive, compounding growth experience. Authentic Growth would have been written years before, but that’s okay. Each experience we go through is a step on our journey of life. With each learning and growth opportunity,  we develop into what our primary thoughts and focus would have us be. Our understanding expands, and we become better able to handle things in the future.

Whatever you focus on primarily in life, is what you will bring into your life. Choose to focus on your goals, your true desires, and actions that will take you there.

Allow yourself to be in a state where what you want is able to join you in your experience. Are you willing to spend money on a program, book, or session that will bring you compounding success down the line? The way I see it, the earlier you decide to do these things in life- the more time you have to reap the benefits from your growth. Take your own Authentic Growth seriously, as early as you can in life, and you will benefit from each and every interaction that is influenced by your new potential. With each growth experience you’re having now, and with each insight you gain, the new you expands indefinitely into the future. Your growth is a compounding victory, won with a ripple effect for years to come. The compound interest of your successful self-education, is a life of fulfillment, understanding, and achievement outside the realm of other’s imagination.

Make your Authentic Growth a priority now. Make it a conscious effort to pay the price that is necessary to achieve the highest version of yourself.

You are the author of your life. Take the pen in your hand, out of the hand of others and out of the hand of your external environment, and grasp it. Pick it up now, and begin writing your story.

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