Self-Education: Why You Should Read One Hundred Books A Year

“One hundred books a year?! That’s more than I’ve read my entire life!”

I’ve heard this sentence dozens of times over the past few years, and I know I’ll hear it dozens more. My response is always the same, “That doesn’t mean you can’t start now!” There are so many thing to learn out there and books are the key to unlocking these lessons. There’s a huge negative stigma towards reading that is acquired when we’re growing up. Being forced to read books we aren’t interested in isn’t the best way to encourage reading, but getting over this initial resistance is easier than one might think.

To expand your success trajectory, you must read more and read higher quality material

In order for us to live a good life, we must be willing to explore things that the general population isn’t willing to explore. One of the goals of Authentic Growth is to bring out the highest version of ourselves and to do so we must take in the life lessons from others’ experiences. Books are an incredibly affordable way to gain experience quickly, the same experience that took authors years to learn and record on their pages. There is one caveat to reading that is often missed and has to be mentioned here. You can’t read books just to say you’re reading, you have to read GREAT books. Quality is key. I can spend hours reading the latest best-selling romance novels, and at the end of it my mind is in no state compared to the state it would have been in if I had read a time-tested classic. The focus has to be on high-quality material, in an area that you are interested in exploring.

Books are the most affordable luxury today. For $10 you can learn lessons in a week that took the author 10 years to understand and record

It really is a gift to be able to take the lessons that took someone their whole life to learn and read them at such a low personal cost. There is buried treasure in each book, including life lessons that can spark insight that you may never have had if you hadn’t opened the pages. Some books could easily be priced at $500 or more considering the amount of money it took the authors to learn the lessons they’re teaching, but yet conveniently most great books are no more than $20. There is truly no better bargain than a fantastic book, especially considering that some of the greatest books are also some of the oldest books. In this case you can often find them for free in the public domain or as a member of your local library.

Shifts in your ideas are more likely to happen when you expose yourself to diverse viewpoints. Reading many books does just that – it bathes your mind in a diverse pool of ideas

The more ideas you have flowing into your mind, through reading or taking courses, the more opportunities you have to experience a spark of insight through connecting ideas. One of the most valuable aspects of the human brain is the ability to connect different concepts to form new, synergistic combinations of thought. The connection of two ideas applied to a new area can be much more powerful than the combined value of the two separate ideas. Reaching this is the stage is when people will start to think you are a creative genius. The super-connectors of our world are the people who are able to see potential where others see empty space. The first step to achieving this is bathing your mind with new ideas, ensuring you also take time to breath and contemplate them all.

The act of reading text on a page is not what makes reading such a powerful habit, it is the act of learning that accompanies reading which makes it so powerful

Listening to audio books is almost as good as reading them. I love audiobooks. I can’t say it enough, I’ve purchased,  borrowed and listened to over 100 audio books over the last three years. Adding audio books to your commute can add up to more than 52+ books a year. They are really a great way to fit in quality life lessons during your daily routine. If you absorb a book in audio form, you are taking in all of the valuable material that that book has to offer. The goal of the Authentic Growth lifestyle is to take in these life lessons in any way that you can. Audiobooks are a fantastic way to do that because you can fit them in while you’re driving to work, and following the compound effect they can add up to several books completed each month. If you need somewhere to start, I’d suggest grabbing one good audiobook and start finishing one of these a month while driving. Pretty soon you will realize that magnificent convenience of listening to books while you drive and you will crave for more.

When you expose yourself to the ideas of great minds, you can’t avoid being influenced by the qualities expressed by the author

Reading expands your growth, opens up doors for opportunity, and helps you handle life situations in new and better ways. There is no doubt in my mind that the things I’ve learned through reading have changed my life. Making it a practice to read for at least 30 minutes a day, along with with listening to high-quality programs when you can, will make all the difference in your life. Take the time today to move your growth forward by finding a great book to read or testing out an audiobook from Audible. The knowledge you will gain from your increased reading will make an incredible difference in your Authentic Growth, so start now.

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