How To Release Emotional Baggage With The Z Point Process

A few weeks ago I discovered a very powerful energy psychology process that I knew I had to share with readers of Authentic Growth. This process is called the Z Point Process, and in using it I was reminded of the first time I used EFT back in 2008. If you aren’t familiar with Z Point or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), they are practices that help eliminate the negative feelings associated with old memories or experiences. When I started using EFT, I felt shifts in almost every negative event, belief, or feeling that I practiced it on. I had brought so many of my beliefs and experiences down to a low level, that I couldn’t really find many negative memories to use it on anymore. Through some fairly random and fortunate Google searches, Z Point entered my life, and I have found great new uses for it.

What is the Z Point Process?

The ZPoint Process is a set of instructions that you speak aloud to your subconscious mind, followed by associating a cue word to this set of instructions. Using this cue word (which you choose), you simply make a series of statements while thinking about negative events or experiences in your life that you want to release while repeating your cue word after each statement. Through each statement and each repetition, these instructions repeat in your subconscious mind and help clear, erase, and disassociate the ties that hold the negative emotion in your mind. You will still remember the situations and experiences, and keep the lessons learned, but your attachment to these experiences and the pain they cause you can be significantly diminished.

How was Z Point Created?

The ZPoint Process was created by Grant Connolly and is based on an earlier technique known as BSFF or Be Set Free Fast. Connolly had also experimented with Emotional Freedom Technique with great success before looking for something he could use without having to physically tap acupressure points on the body. ZPoint is a clarified version of BSFF, such that the instructions for your subconscious are shorter and yet continue to cover all the necessary aspects for emotional release. I’ve personally found both the ZPoint Process and BSFF to be very effective on beliefs and experiences that EFT had a minimal effect on.

How do I “install” the Z Point instructions?

The first step for installing the Zpoint instructions is to approach ZPoint with an open mind. Do this and you won’t be disappointed. Many people will find it unusual speaking these instructions out loud as it is not common that we take the time to speak directly to our subconscious mind, but after following these short instructions you will be ready to release all sorts of emotional baggage. To install the ZPoint instructions, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and where you can speak out loud for about one minute. Once you’re there, slowly repeat out loud the following intention to yourself:

“I hereby set a powerful intention within you, my subconscious mind, to effect the best of all possible outcomes by this clearing, and that each time I notice a pattern or patterns I wish to eliminate, as I say or think my cue word, you will eliminate all such patterns and components of patterns completely and safely, and each time I repeat my cue word in sequence, you will access deeper and deeper layers and all parts and all aspects of my being.”

That’s it for the instruction “installation” part of the ZPoint process. According to Connolly, these instructions will stay with your subconscious from this point forward. Now all you have to do is choose a cue word to go along with these instructions so that they can be triggered each and every time you want to release a feeling. Some of the more popular cue words are “release”, “free”, “shazam”, “clear”, and “erase”. Once you have a cue word picked out, you can either silently indicate to yourself that this is your cue word, or you can say “I choose ____ as my cue word”.

Now that I’ve read the instructions, how do I start using Z Point?

So you’ve read the subconscious instructions, picked out your cue word and are eager to start the process. From this point on you are free to use your cue word on anything you experience. One recommendation I would make is that you repeat your cue word multiple times while feeling a specific emotion you’d like to release. Initially, I would only say it once and it would have an effect, but I’ve found that repeating the cue word has much more of an impact. To start using ZPoint using the standard method, follow the instructions below.

Place your awareness on the feeling that you want to release, and when you have the feeling in your mind, repeat out loud the following statements: 

  • I clear all the ways I feel this feeling. [Cue Word]
  • I clear all the ways I feel this feeling because ______  [Cue Word]
  • I clear all the ways I feel this feeling whenever _______ [Cue Word]
  • I clear all the ways I may feel this feeling if _______ [Cue Word]

After running through all or any of these four statements, follow them with:

  • I clear all of the patterns connected to all of these ways. [Cue Word]
  • I clear all of the emotions associated with all of these patterns [Cue Word]

Now re-assess how you feel. Many people on there first run through will feel a shift somewhere in their mind or body, especially if they’ve chosen a particular heavy issue for them. If you didn’t feel a shift, just notice how you feel. Are there any subtle changes in your thoughts about this emotion? You can run through this set of statements multiple times while repeating your cue word, and you should find that each repetition helps to release the effect that this unwanted feeling has on you.

My first few weeks using Z Point have been incredibly fruitful for me. I’ve had some unwanted and unresourceful thoughts that have diminish substantially, and I find ZPoint incredibly valuable especially in the work place. Like Connolly, I find that Z Point shines in areas where EFT may not be easy or permissible to use. It can be pretty difficult tapping acupressure points (as is done in EFT) when you’re surrounded by people in social situations. Z Point works great because you can simply speak the Cue word in your mind or quietly to yourself and the effects are just the same. I’ve had some incredible shifts since using Z Point, and I hope this tool helps all of you in your Authentic Growth journey as well.

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