Since the dawn of Smartphone civilization, everyone has thought that multi-tasking is the ultimate goal, the ultimate skill!

Well I’m here to tell you that something has seriously been lost with us trying to multi-task every activity of our life, and I’m not alone in this sentiment.

I read The Power of Full Engagement recently and it really got me thinking about the idea and value of being fully engaged in any given activity.

How many things can you do at once? I think I can do many things, maybe 10-15 solid things at one time. But here’s the real question- How many things are you ACTUALLY doing?

[caption id=”attachment_490” align=”aligncenter” width=”618”]Run baby, Run Run baby, Run[/caption]

I made a startling discovery and I’d like to teach all of you the clear distinction that allowed me to improve my workouts, increase my peace, improve my personal presence, and learn a whole lot more in the process.

The idea was simple, yet powerful. Instead of bringing my smartphone with me to the gym, running, or even meditating, I replaced it with the latest version of the iPod Shuffle.

That wasn’t the only step though, I also loaded the iPod Shuffle with a variety of educational content, such as podcasts, audiobooks, and one long meditation track for meditating, and nothing else.

What? I bought an iPod Shuffle so that I can do something my PHONE can already do? And filled it with education stuff?? How did that change your life Anthony?

Yes, I figured you’d ask about that. Well, buying this iPod Shuffle has changed everything when it comes to how I workout, my meditation sessions, and yes even my walks or runs around town.

Before, knowing that my phone was in my pocket, I would always check it at the gym. Despite multiple attempts to limit this activity, we always feel that there is something waiting for us, right there on our phones in our pocket and I’d inevitably end up checking it.

Since I switched to using my iPod Shuffle at the gym and leaving my phone at home, I no longer have the “luxury” of feeding the urge to check my notifications, text, email, or anything.

[caption id=”attachment_508” align=”aligncenter” width=”613”]peace This is what I feel like when I leave my phone at home[/caption]

By doing this, I have forced myself to workout and do nothing else. I can’t check if you text me, babe! I can’t check if I got an email about the latest information product I should buy! Now its just me and the weights, or me and nature as I do my early morning runs.

The reason I filled it up with only educational material, which I usually listen to on my phone anyway, is so that I can conveniently focus this device as a personal development device, which I know happily dub my “KnowledgePod”. I have everything audio-related that I want to focus on, all in one space, and I update my iTunes playlists daily, adding and removing material as I go through it.

Now, whenever I go to the gym, or whenever I go for a walk or meditate, I’m not allowing the outside world to distract me from my exercise goals, nor am I allowing the world to follow me as I go on my contemplating walks or runs.

I am incredibly happy with this separation of tasks, and I think the less I bring my phone places, the more I allow my mind to do what it does best, which is coming up with great ideas.

Links for making your own WisdomPod and being fully engaged: